Village Health Sanitation and Nutrition Committee (VHSNC), Rogi Kalyan Samity (RKS) and Untied Funds

  • The Govt of India clearly understand that availability of efficient fund for each facility would help immensely in promotion of Heath of the population. Under this programme, Fund is provided at all levels of Public Health institution i.e. DH, SDH, CHC, PHC and SC, VHSNC. With this availaibilty of fund, all the facilities can easily procure the required euipments and medicines and even free transportation for referred patients especially preganant women and new born babies.
  • VHSNC has been constituted in all 830 officially recognised villages in the State. Committee members are –
  • a)VCP - Chairman
  • b)ASHA - Member Secretary, other members are
  • c)Prominent citizen,
  • d)One representative from women group,
  • e)Teachers and
  • f)Self help group (SHG).
  • g)Others
  • VHSNC is expected to conduct monthly committee and Village Health Sanitation Day.
  • Each VHSNC received financial support of Rs. 10000 per year from National Health Mission.
  • RKS has already been constituted at all levels- 8 District Hospitals, 3 Sub-divisional Hospitals, 9 Community Health Centres, 57 Primary Health Centres , 370 Sub Centres.
  • Committee members at District Level are –
  • a)Deputy Commissioner - Chairman
  • b)Medical Superintendent/ Chief Medical Officer- Vice Chairman
  • c)Medical Superintendent/ Chief Medical Officer- -Member Secy
  • d)Members:
  • 1)MLA
  • 2)Programme Officer
  • 3)Director, H&ME
  • 4)District LAD Officer
  • 5)SP
  • 6)President- IMA, MUP,YMA
  • 7)Donors

Committee members at Community/Primary Health Centre Level are –

  • a)SDO(Civil) - Chairman
  • b)BDO - Member Secretary,
  • c)Medical Officer (Senior most)-Treasurer
  • d)Members:
  • 1)Medical Officer
  • 2)Pharmacist
  • 3)CHO/ HS
  • 4)Staff Nurse(Senior most)
  • 5)EE/SDO/JE/representative from PHE
  • 6)CDPO/CO, Social Welfare Deptt
  • 7)VCP
  • 8)High School/Middle School Headmaster
  • 9)NGOs (MHIP,YMA,MUP etc 2 each)/President
  • The NHM provide funds at the rates given below to all these committees-
  • a)District Hospital- Rs. 10.0.0 Lakhs /year
  • b)Sub-Divisional Hospital- Rs. 2.0 Lakhs/year
  • c)Community Health Centre- Rs. 5.00 Lakhs/year
  • d)Primary Health Centre – Rs.1.75 Lakhs
  • e)Sub Centres-Rs. 0.20 Lakhs
  • The total amount of RKS funds released are as follow:-
  • a)All District Hospitals- Rs. 27.00 Lakhs
  • b)All Sub-Divisional Hospitals- Rs. 1.80 Lakhs
  • c)All Community Health Centres- Rs. 13.50 Lakhs
  • d)All Primary Health Centres – Rs. 29.92 Lakhs
  • e)All Sub Centres- Rs. 22.20 Lakhs