Mother and Child Tracking System (MCTS)

Ministry of Health & family Welfare have decided to have a name-based tracking system whereby pregnant women and children can be tracked for their ANCs and immunisation along with a feedback system for the ANM, ASHA etc to ensure that all pregnant women receive their Ante-Natal Care Check-ups (ANCs) and post-natal care (PNCs); and further children receive their full immunisation. So, in order to achieve such activities, Mother and Child Tracking System has been introduced by MoHFW and has been implemented since 2009.

All new Pregnancies detected/being registered from 1st December, 2009 at the first point of contact of the pregnant mother with the health facility/health provider and Births occurring from 1st December, 2009 have been captured and entered on the MCTS portal. All pregnancies and births will be captured irrespective of where (place) the ANC checkups are being given or the place of delivery. Thus details of all deliveries taking place either at home, public or private institution is to be captured irrespective of the fact whether the mother is a JSY beneficiary or not.

All Pregnant Mother and Child registered on the MCTS Portal were given unique ID. The Identity Numbers to be allocated to the pregnant women and children is to be as follows:

Digits (Nos) Item Description /Remarks
01-02 (2) State Code As per Census codes
03-04 (2) District Code As per Census codes
05-07 (3) Block PHC/CHC Code As per Census codes given to Block HQ
08-09 (2) Health Sub-Centre Code To be serially given by Block HQ.
10-10 (1) Pregnant Woman – Code 1
Child – Code 2
11-12 (2) Year Code Last 2 digits for the year is to be given, for example, for the year 2009, “09” will be entered and so on
13-16 (4) To be given serially to each mother / child from 1st December, 2009 starting from 5000 From 1st April each year, the codes will be given afresh starting from 0001.